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Wind Harp Testimonials

A wind harp is the perfect combination of sculpture and sound to provide a layer to the overall design of our garden. The harp was designed as a focal point in the garden by its central location in the pool at the end of the elevated stream. We were attempting to attract the five senses.

The sound provides a pleasant background harmony that both surprises the observer and provides interest in the garden.”

— Mark Kramer, ASLA

“To me, the harp gives the Memorial a specific sense of “place,” beyond the obvious and typical physical presence. That moment of discovery for a new visitor, when they realize that the victims are “speaking,” almost whispering their tone, is a great experience, even three years after completion.

The neighbors were naturally concerned about the spill over of noise beyond the streets of the park, but the sense of “place” is reinforced strongly by the typical range of the sound being contained to the Memorial site itself. The harp is a jewel in our city.

— David Stewart, PKHLS Architecture, El Dorado, KS

I feel at peace when I hear the harp. When I first catch the sound, it beckons me to move toward it. To me, it evokes the sounds and images of angels.

It has been thoroughly embraced by the City and the residents. People make references to it and have adopted it.

The Wind Harp has given a focal point and uniqueness to our Arboretum. Since the Arboretum is a passive site, people know it by its sculpture.”

— Patrice Sonnelitter L.A. City Of Plantation, FL

“The artwork is visually striking and audibly pleasing, meditative and ethereal. As a memorial, it is very life affirming. It’s a uniquely identifiable icon for the area.

The wind harp effectively and uniquely activates a space that otherwise would be an ordinary marina like many others in southern California.”

— Allan Tait, Public Art Project Manager, Port of San Diego, CA

“The harp can add dimension, as it can influence one’s emotional well being. We feel that the sculptures help complete the landscape of the campus, and most people enjoy their presence. Some enjoy sitting by them and enjoying a little quiet personal time in what is usually a hectic schedule for both students and employees.”

— Lucinda Crow, Cy-fair College, TX

The harp makes gentle, soft, melodic sounds that ebb and change. You have to be very quiet and tuned in to really hear the sounds. They are like a gift to the person who stops to really listen and hear, and all those who are not paying attention walk right by and miss the beauty in front of them.

There was initially concern that the sound would be loud and disruptive to people in the library or houses, but nothing could be further from the truth.”

— Kathi Heimann, City of San Ramon, CA

“The harp invokes a sense a sacred mystery – frequently the sounds are ones I’ve only “imagined” as opposed to “heard.” It has been a wonderful experience to see people sitting by the harp and using it as a place of calm and meditation.

I can think of nothing I enjoy more. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to set aside enough of my time to enjoy its benefits.

What we have come to appreciate by having a wind harp in our living environment is how much we need to offer people a place of peace.

— Father John, St. Henry’s Church

“The harp is a marvelous centerpiece to our labyrinth and columbarium in the Meditation Garden. With a gentle breeze, the tones from the harp enhance a restful feeling.

On a calm day, it is a visual focal point of enjoyment. Our residents certainly enjoy it.”

— Mark Dugan, VP, La Posada Foundation, CA

“The wind harps added to the visual and pedestrian / recreational amenity of the town for walkers.”

— Caoimhin Corrigan, Public Arts Curator

“Listening to the wind harp as part of the ambient backdrop within our home environment helps me to hear and appreciate a greater diversity of natural sounds as well as deepens my appreciation for the infinite creativity and beauty of nature.”

— Karina Silver, Artist, Homeowner