Harmony Wind Harps, Sound Sculptures, Garden Bells for sale

How To Care for Your Wind Harp

  •  Each wind harp arrives with a complete maintenance manual which includes two extra sets of strings, a tuning wrench, specific tuning and maintenance instructions, a Korg Chromatic tuner and assembly and installation instructions.
  • The wind harps are fabricated out of Titanium, Stainless Steel or Alloy Aluminum  with either a natural metal or powder coated baked on finish. This powder coated finish is very durable in the most severe weather conditions and is very low maintenance. To seasonally clean the wind harp, simply use a damp cloth with a mild detergent like "Simple Green"  or wipe down with Windex. To remove water/mineral stains use vinegar .The life span of the nylon strings is approximately 2-3 years depending on the exposure to direct UV sunlight.

    The nylon strings will eventually become brittle and break under tension at which time you can follow the instructions to replace the strings in the Maintenance Manual which accompanies each wind harp.

  • Tuning Your Harp - The maintenance manual has specific instructions with a recommended tuning specified for each model. An electronic chromatic tuner  is supplied  to facilitate easy tuning of your harp.