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Sound Art, Wind Sculpture, Balance of Nature

The enchanting harmonic tones of our Aeolian Wind Harps and Garden Bells can transform your garden winds into a magical & living soundscape that will support your connection with the wild and free spirit of nature. These harp instruments are the ultimate garden ornaments to provide a balance of nature for your outdoor living experience.



About Ross Barrable & Harmony Wind Harps

” Our contemporary Sound Sculptures are designed to resonate with the geometric simplicity, beauty and Balance of Nature.”


Featured Works

  • Flame of Compassion Wind Harp Congress Park Denver ,1995 by Harmony Wind Harps
  • Shalom Park Wind Harp by Harmony Wind Harps
  • Chula Vista Marina, Ron McElliot Memorial Wind Harp 2001
  • Song of the Spirit Wind Harp in Awareness Garden, Plantation Fla. by Harmony Wind Harps
  • Tornado Memorial Wind Harp by Harmony Wind Harps

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