Harmony Wind Harps, Sound Sculptures, Garden Bells for sale

What Makes Our Harps Special

Harmony Wind Harps create outdoor musical instruments that are  globally unique in their contemporary designs, engaging harmonic sound and quality of construction.

Value of Creating a Sound Garden with Harmony Wind Harps TM

  • Elegant contemporary designs appeal to the visual and tactile senses.
  • Low impact and sustainable designs, low maintenance, scratch resistant polished metal or powder coated finishes.
  • Relaxed listening reinforces a sense of community with others.
  • Creates an ambiance of peace and harmony through nature based music.
  • Invites the listener to explore an inner movement that resonates with a feeling of expansion and freedom.
  • Site specific, custom designs available upon request.
  • Fabricated from metals that are maintenance free in any environment.
  • Listening to our multi-sensory wind harps inspires an easy feeling of connection to the natural world  through a heightened appreciation for the elemental harmony within nature.
  • Our contemporary harp designs incorporate the core principles of sacred geometry, in their shape , proportion and tuning which reflects the divine blueprint of strength, balance and harmony.
  • The unchained melodies of the wind harp is pure uncensored inner-tainment that out pictures the wild and free spirit of the wind.