Harmony Wind Harps, Sound Sculptures, Garden Bells for sale

Why Install Outdoor Wind Harps and Sound Sculptures

Klarion Call III Wind Harp

Klarion Call III Wind Harp

Nature driven outdoor sound sculptures can engage us on an auditory level to be more present in the now, and appreciate the beauty and harmony of our environment.

Here is how and why:
Turning to my trusty folk harp for inspiration, my fingers play their familiar melodic riffs but they are already new and different. They are new and different because today is a new day and what I feel right now is unique to this moment in time. I will use the word sacred because the music I improvise on the folk harp is always unique, it’s never the same one day to the next.
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432 Hz. Pythagorean Wind Harp Tuning

Pythagorean Scale A= 432 HzOut of the billions of people alive on earth today, few have heard or even felt the effects of the exact frequencies embedded in the ancient Pythagorean scale tuning. Could 432 Hz tuning be a cosmic key that unlocks a higher understanding that reveals the synchronistic nature of life on this planet?

Through my hands-on experience of building, stringing and tuning hundreds of folk harps and wind harps, I have noticed a radical difference in the tonal quality of the instrument depending upon the frequencies chosen.
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Wind Harps Created from Sacred Geometry

Infiniti wind harp

Infiniti Wind Harp – 3D vesica Pisces

Galileo wrote that “geometric shapes are the alphabet in which the book of nature is written.

Geometry is nature’s language of relationship.  It holds the key to how non-physical energy creates the manifest world through specific patterns of subtle energy.

These geometric codes, or universal laws of vibration contain the musical, mathematical and archetypal patterns that govern and influence our formative universe and create harmony and coherence.
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Touched by the Wind, Transported by the Sound

Ross playing first harp

Ross playing first folk harp, 1979

The Wind Harp Experience – 1978

I kneel on a blanket at the Lake Jackson Indian Mounds just outside Tallahassee, Florida. Next to me I have placed my first folk harp, crafted with my own hands… she is beautiful! Carved smooth from seasoned maple and cherry, she stands naked quivering in the sunlight, every metal string shining, yet perfectly still under massive calibrated tension. I feel a well-earned sense of accomplishment as the warm breezes caress my cheek and the sun dances off tiny ripples on the water.
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The Power of Nature-Based Harmony in the Urban Soundscape

Chula Vista Marina Memorial Wind Harp

Chula Vista Marina Memorial Wind Harp, 2001

Within the last decade, there has been an explosion of interest in the science of music, as a new generation of scientists has developed the tools to discover the intimate connections between music and human life. The resulting discoveries reveal compelling evidence that music truly is a fundamental aspect of life, something that defines us and binds us together as humans.

We are now creating a future in which music will be recognized as a force far more significant than mere entertainment. Every day we are gaining a deeper understanding of this art-form that so profoundly affects our imagination, our spirit, and even our physiology. For centuries, philosophers and musicians themselves have speculated about music, seeking to explain its magic. Yet it is only recently that science has joined in the exploration in earnest. We know instinctively that music has primal power. Historians and anthropologists have yet to discover a culture without music. Read More→

The Answer My Friend is Blowin’ in the Wind

Klarion Call I garden wind harp

Klarion Call I garden wind harp

We are intrinsically connected to the wind for it is an omnipresent attribute of the atmosphere that sustains us. The wind (breath) is the fluidium of energy flux within our material existence that connects us to all life.

The “Unified Field Theory” states that everything is connected on a vibrational or energetic level and the wind functions as a dynamic medium of energy transfer that  is always seeking balance and harmony within our planetary  and human ecosystem. 

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