Harmony Wind Harps, Sound Sculptures, Garden Bells for sale

The Joys of Owning a Wind Harp

Outdoor wind harps engage us with enchanting sounds created by nature. While calming and soothing, the harmonious tones reminded us to take a moment and appreciate the natural beauty of our environment.

  • The sounds of the wind harp are always new and different, they give a voice and personality to the changing seasons.
  • Harmony Wind Harps and Bells are not only outdoor musical instruments, they are works of visual art as well.
  • Our contemporary sound sculptures are fabricated from highly durable and low maintenance space age metals able to with stand any environment .
  • Harmony Wind Harps are totally unique in sound, design and quality within the world of outdoor sound sculpture and we can custom build a one of a kind art piece that complements your surroundings.
  • An outdoor sound sculpture provides an auditory focal point, another reminder to tune in and listen to the ebb and flow of nature, which allows one the opportunity to collect the attention and refocus.
  • Even when not singing, a wind harp serves as a gentle reminder to:
    1. Pause. Be still.
    2. Breathe deeply.
    3. Tune in to nature and the world around you.
    4. Listen for a moment. What do you hear beneath all the noise?
    5. Take this gift to refocus and be more present.
    6. Carry this peace with you throughout your day.