Klarion Call III Wind Harp in Winter

Why Install Outdoor Sound Sculptures

Klarion Call III Wind Harp
Klarion Call III Wind Harp

Nature driven outdoor sound sculpture can engage us on an auditory level to be more present in the now, and appreciate the beauty and harmony of our environment.
Here is how and why:
Turning to my trusty folk harp for inspiration, my fingers play their familiar melodic riffs but they are already new and different. They are new and different because today is a new day and what I feel right now is unique to this moment in time. I will use the word sacred because the music I improvise on the folk harp is always unique, it’s never the same one day to the next. The experience of listening to nature driven sound sculptures is very similar in the sense that the music created by wind harps is always new, always different and always an, in the moment reflection of the ongoing symphony of creation.

There are five elements of creation that comprise and manifest our earthly experience, these being (earth, water, fire, air, and ether).
The element of the wind or air embodies many spiritual metaphors in the way it co- creates our reality.

The wind is invisible although we can see it’s effects. It has no smell although it is the medium that carries the wonderful fragrance of the rose or the smell of a forest fire. We can’t touch the wind or grab it yet we can feel a gentle breeze on our cheek or the primal power of hurricane. Can we taste the wind? I suppose that falls under the category of smelling it.

Okay, the sense of listening, now we have a connection. We can definitely hear the wind and especially the effects of the wind interacting with the physical world.

Tornado Memorial Wind Harp - 21' tall
Tornado Memorial Wind Harp – 21′ tall

In 2008 I installed a 21 foot tall Wind Harp in El Dorado Kansas as a 50 year Tornado Memorial. In 1948 a tornado ripped through this small town and killed 13 people and I had the opportunity to talk to one of the survivors of that fateful day. He told me that when the tornado hit their house it sounded like a freight train came through the middle of their living room.

The element of the wind is an omnipresent and primal force of nature that is not only very powerful but can also be very subtle. It is these gentle breezes that sound absolutely magical when transmuted into an audible vibration. It is my experience that contemporary wind harps’ full spectrum resonance and endless tapestry of harmonics out-create the wildest human imaginings, for the sound of nature is the heartbeat and rhythm of creation.

When I place a wind harp or one of the new Titanium Harmony Bells out in my yard, this is the beginning step to listing to what’s going on in my environment and connecting with the natural harmonics that create and sustain order and balance.

Harmony Bells : Anodized Titanium

Harmony Wind Harps are designed to reflect and amplify the creative energy of nature by acting as a huge magnet that can draw the attention to not only the sound of the sculptures but more importantly the vibration of the immediate soundscape. This includes all of it, the wind, birds, frogs, coyotes horses, ravens, crickets at night, the cry of the Red-tail Hawk , even the sound of a jet overhead at 2:00 in the morning .
In my world an outdoor sound sculpture does not have to make any sound to justify its presence because every time I look at it I automatically remember to tune in and listen to the ambient soundscape. It’s the refocusing of my attention that creates the shift, right now, and if the harps are singing, all the better, the celestial symphony has begun.
To me an outdoor sound sculpture really provides a focal point, another reminder to tune in and listen for just a moment which allows one the opportunity to collect the attention and refocus in the Here and Now.
This is the gift and power of a nature driven sound sculpture, they can engage us on a visual and auditory level to be more present in the now and appreciate the beauty and harmony of nature.

What if






Pythagorean Scale , A= 432 Hz

432 Hz. Pythagorean Wind Harp Tuning

432 Hz432 Hz -Pythagorean Tuning

Out of the billions of people alive on earth today, few have heard or even felt the effects of the exact frequencies embedded in the Ancient Pythagorean Scale tuning . Could 432 Hz tuning be a cosmic key that unlocks a higher understanding that reveals the synchronistic nature of life on this planet?

Through my hands on experience of building, stringing and tuning 100’s of folk harps and wind harps I have noticed a radical difference in the tonal quality of the instrument depending upon the frequencies chosen. My personal experience is that 432 Hz. tuning facilitates an immediate inner connection when I sit down and play my folk harp. It compels me to effortlessly  “get in the zone “ so to speak. My folk harp sounds and feels fuller, warmer and more resonant than 440 Hz tuning and seems to easily fill the room with a non-local quality to the harmonics.
Tuning the wind harps to the Pythagorean scale also creates a gentle ambiance of sound that always feels in balance, and in harmony with the natural soundscape.

Pythagoras of Samos, the 6th Century Greek Mathematician, Astronomer and Spiritual Mystic, is credited for originating the “Music of the Spheres Theory “ stating that there are musical ratios or intervals of distant planets and their orbital movements around one another that perfectly resonate with our currently excepted laws of musical harmony and physics.
Pythagoras spent 22 years studying with the Egyptian high priests who were adepts in Astronomy and “Musica”, the science of ancient musical healing technologies. Upon returning to Europe he founded a mystery school in Italy to teach mathematicians and philosophers how the fundamental principles of creation are founded upon the understanding of harmony in music.  “Creation is a vibrant, dynamic intelligence”.

The Cosmic importance of A=432 Hz Pythagorean Tuning
Pythagorean tuning is based on a stack of intervals called perfect fifths, each tuned in the ratio 3:2, Starting from D for example (D-based tuning), six other notes are produced by moving six times a ratio 3:2 up, and the remaining ones by moving the same ratio down:                 E♭–B♭–F–C–G–D–A–E–B–F♯–C♯–G♯
Pythagorean Scale based on A=432 Hz.                       Equal-Tempered Scale based on A=440 Hz
C= 256 Hz                    1/1                                                               C= 261.63 Hz
D= 288 Hz                   9/8                                                                D= 293.66 Hz
E= 324 Hz                  81/64                                                              E= 329.63 Hz
F= 342 Hz                   4/3                                                                 F= 349.23 Hz
G= 384 Hz                  3/2                                                                  G= 392 Hz
A= 432 Hz                27/16                                                                A= 440 Hz
B= 486 Hz              243/128                                                              B= 493.88 Hz
C’=512 Hz                  2/1                                                                  C= 523.25 Hz

All of the frequencies in the Pythagorean tuning are whole numbers and can be evenly divided by either 2 or 3 or both. These frequencies relate to each other in a coherent and powerful harmonic progression, whereas the frequencies shown in our current tuning system of the equal- tempered scale based on A=440 Hz is totally fragmented, without any universal harmonic connection and is intended to not harmonize with any organic frequencies or healthy living systems on this planet.

The Cosmic Significance of 432

– The diameter of the moon= 432 x 5 = 2,160 miles
– Diameter of the Sun = 432,000 x 2 = 864,000 miles
– Procession of the Zodiac Equinoxes = 432 x 60 = 25,920 years
– 12 hrs in a ½ day = 720 minutes or 432,000 seconds
– Saturn orbits the Procession of Equinoxes once every 864 years (432 x 2)
– The speed of light = 186,282 Miles Per Second  which is .998% accurate to (432 x 432) = 186,624
– The Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza resonates with a 432 Hz fundamental tone.

The ancient texts of the Hindu and Sikh traditions agree with these grand cycles of cosmic time.

Golden Age (Sat Yuga) = 1,728,000 years = (4 x 432,000 years)
Silver Age (Treta Yuga) = 1,296,000 years = (3 x 432,000 years)
Bronze Age (Dwapar Yuga) = 864,000 years = (2 x 432,000 years)
Iron Age (Kali Yuga) = 432,000 years ( our current age)


The Harmonic Overtone partials of 432 Hz appear to line up with the natural cyclical patterns of cosmic cycles of time that define the evolutionary march of creation on a macro-cosmic scale. 432 is also embedded into universal constants such as the speed of light and the procession of the Equinoxes.

Since 432 Hz is a lower harmonic of the frequency/speed of light it resonates directly with our cells because our cells communicate with each other via infrared light photons.

It is my perspective that when we listen to music tuned to an A=432Hz Pythagorean tuning our collective consciousness is being harmonically inspired to resonate with a fundamental frequency of Harmony.
By intentionally re-tuning our accepted musical scale to a numerical system that is back in harmony with nature and the cosmos we will help re-balance our ecology, our relationships with each other and ultimately the power structures of our world.

The Importance of A=432 Hz Music,

– The video below is an overview of how this tuning resonates with our human biology to support a balanced and centered connection with the natural environment around us.

Ross Barrable playing first Folk Harp 1979

Touched by the Wind -Transported by the Sound

The Wind Harp Experience – 1978 I kneel on a blanket at the Lake Jackson Indian Mounds just outside Tallahassee, Florida. Next to me I have placed my first folk harp, crafted with my own hands… she is beautiful! Carved smooth from seasoned maple and cherry, she stands naked quivering in the sunlight, every metal string shining, yet perfectly still under massive calibrated tension. I feel a well-earned sense of accomplishment as the warm breezes caress my cheek and the sun dances off tiny ripples on the water.

Ross Playing first Folk Harp 1979
Ross Playing first Folk Harp 1979

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Trinity Wind Harp by Harmony Wind Harps

The Power of Nature – Based Harmony in the Urban Soundscape

Within the last decade, there has been an explosion of interest in the science of music, as a new generation of scientists has developed the tools to discover the intimate connections between music and human life. The resulting discoveries reveal compelling evidence that music truly is a fundamental aspect of life, something that defines us and binds us together as humans. Continue reading “The Power of Nature – Based Harmony in the Urban Soundscape”

Platonic Solids designs

Contemporary Wind Harps created from Sacred Geometry

Galileo wrote that “geometric shapes are the alphabet in which the book of nature is written.” Geometry is nature’s language of relationship. Sacred geometry literally means “the measure of the earth.” It holds the key to how non-physical energy creates the manifest world through specific patterns of subtle energy.

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Klarion Call I Garden Harp

The answer my friend is “blowin” in the wind

Klarion Call I Wind Harp
Klarion Call I Wind Harp

We are intrinsically connected to the wind for it is an omnipresent attribute of the atmosphere  that sustains us. The wind / (breath) is the fluidium of  energy flux within our material existence that connects us to all life. The “Unified Field Theory ” states that everything is connected on a vibrational or energetic level and the wind functions as a dynamic  medium of energy transfer that  is always  seeking  balance  and harmony within   our planetary  and human ecosystem.

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